Surgery Or Chronic Issue: You Want To Recover & Stay Fit

Recovering from an injury and looking to transition back to full health?

Preparing for surgery and wanting to best prepare yourself for success?

Surgery Or Chronic Issue

Our team of accomplished allied health practitioners can help you achieve your goals! 

Our practitioners are accomplished and qualified allied health professionals who have a range of experience and knowledge dealing with a variety of conditions and injuries. Thus, they are perfectly placed to help you recover from an injury you have experienced, help you deal with an ongoing condition, or nurse you through a surgical operation! 

Visit Therapia Physio Adelaide for expert, personalized care in South Australia.

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The first step of this process, regardless of your condition or situation, would be to book in an initial assessment with one of our physio team. During this assessment, the physio will establish any existing conditions or medical history you may have and based on this, along with your goals, discuss with you the best course of action for the future. Without this assessment, our physios will not be able to comprehensively assess ALL aspects of your presentation, even if some are not immediately obvious, which may hinder your future treatment. Future treatment will then be discussed with you, which can range from follow-up physiotherapy sessions, remedial massage, clinical pilates or an ergonomic assessment.

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Remedial massage may be recommended as a key pillar in your treatment plan as it can help to reduce ongoing muscle tightness and pain. Our highly skilled massage therapists will work together with our physiotherapy team to gain an in-depth understanding of your condition in order to deliver the best results. Remedial massage is not solely available as part of a larger treatment plan; the muscular release is also a great way to relax and destress after a difficult period.

Clinical Exercise Classes are a central tenet of our treatment at Therapia. Our physio team is extremely experienced and skilled at developing individualised pilates programs and then supervising and adapting as you learn, progress and improve in your fitness journey. Clinical exercise is a great option for those looking to prepare for surgery, rehabilitate after surgery, manage arthritis symptoms, improve balance/strength/mobility/flexibility to allow you to live out your most active and healthy life.

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Ergonomic/Workstation Assessment can provide huge benefits to you if you are regularly working in an office environment. Our physiotherapy team will analyse your personal workstation setup and will provide you with individualised suggestions and improvements. These suggestions will work to stop any ongoing problems from worsening and will optimise your setup to reduce the risk of future posture-related problems.

If you would like to learn more about how our team can help you, please feel free to give us a call on 8221 5011 or send us an email at Alternatively, click on the button below to book a session!

Our team of accomplished allied health practitioners
can help you achieve your goals!

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