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As a Healthcare and Medical practitioner, we all want the best for our patients and do what is needed for the positive outcomes. Great patient outcomes help build reputation and are essential for job satisfaction and fulfillment as a Medical and Healthcare practitioner. 

With over 22 years of experience, we know great outcomes are often possible when different medical practitioners work collaboratively in care of their patients. 

At Therapia, we have built a reputation for providing the ‘right advice and care’ with the highest level of physiotherapy and rehab services possible in Adelaide. Over the years we are building a network of ‘like minded’ medical and allied health practitioners who share the similar values and ethos for their patients’ care. 

This network is based on mutual respect and desire to share skills and knowledge to help everyone involved grow as practitioners for the ultimate benefit for all the patients involved in our respective care.  

Many ways we help our patients & referring partners are: 

  • Cross referral: we understand ‘what conditions and patients you like to see’ and also help you understand ‘how we can help you patients’. Thus every patient referred either way is likely to get the right advice/treatment and best results possible. 
  • CPD sessions: we regularly conduct CPD sessions for our team and referring partners, with sessions conducted either by our team of leading specialists and doctors in Adelaide. If you would like to attend the upcoming session or would like to be a guest speaker, please reach out via details below. 
  • Phone a physio: a stitch in time saves nine…! There are times when as a medical practitioner, you may need a physios input in a case. Getting the right advice at the right time can save you and your patients a lot of time and energy. We recognise this! Our physios in Adelaide are happy to have a quick chat with you over the phone if you need any help. You can call on 08 82215011 and ask for one of our physiotherapist. It will be a ‘no obligation’ call..! We genuinely want to help you and your patients. 

We are always keen to work with Doctors, Spinal Specialists, Orthopaedicians, Podiatrists, EPs and other health practitioners who are seeking better outcomes for their patients. If you are a medical or allied health practitioner would like to work with us or learn how we can help your patients, you can reach us via: 08 82215011, admin@therapia.com.au or fill the contact form below: 

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If you want to refer a patient and want them to be seen as a priority, please fill the form via: 

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