Personalised Physiotherapy Treatment Plans in Adelaide

We Help You Restore Your Strength, Mobility, Function & Be Pain Free

We understand you see a physiotherapist, when you need to overcome a condition, reduce your pain or recover from an injury/surgery. To achieve this, the treatment approach needs to be as specific and sympathetic as possible. 

Our team of experienced physiotherapist, massage therapists, and support staff at the Adelaide Physio Clinic near the CBD takes a holistic approach to identify the source of your limitation or pain. We deliver a solution that works with you, as well as for you.

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We don´t just target problem areas; we take your whole body into account when making a diagnosis and developing a treatment plan. The goal of the treatment plan is not limited to ‘just pain relief’ or ‘a temporary fix’ of your  problem! It is to help you recover fully from the problem and ensure it never comes back.  

To achieve this, certain steps are taken:

  • Fully understand your history/story (we listen, ‘how your problem started ‘or ‘what led to the injury..!’) 
  • How your problem is affecting your life or work?
  • What can be done to help you recover fast?
  • What are our respective roles (we work together as a team with you
  • What are the stages of recovery?
  • How does the treatment progress/change with each stage of recovery
  • What you can do to recover quickly and sustain the recovery? 
  • How much you need to invest (time and money) to achieve your ideal outcome? 
  • What can you do to stay fit and healthy? 

The mission is to restore or maintain your strength, mobility and function. We do this by developing a customised treatment program where we can work with you to restore as much of your function and capabilities as possible.

Some of the conditions we help resolve are:

We use a dynamic approach, combining functional exercise and hands-on manual techniques. Our methods are backed by advanced clinical research and we strive to provide long-term solutions: 

Some of the methods we may use in your treatment include:

  • Guided therapeutic activities and exercises, including Clinical Pilates (to strengthen your body) 
  • Joint mobilisation (to loosen up stiff joints) 
  • Strain and counter-strain techniques (relatively pain free techniques)  
  • Muscle energy techniques(use your own muscle power to correct your body’s alignment) 
  • The McKenzie Method to treat back and neck pain (Spinal treatment by a physiotherapist) 
  • Dry Needling and Western aAcupuncture (to reduce pain & promote healing of the injury) 

Thus, by integrating hands-on treatment techniques with exercises designed to encourage active movement, our physiotherapists in Adelaide clinic aim to provide long-term improvement with the ultimate goal to help you with lifelong vitality.

Our experienced physiotherapists from Adelaide clinic are happy to give you a call to discuss how you can be helped. 

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If you’re suffering with a ‘chronic or repetitive injury’ or need help ‘getting stronger after a surgery’ or ‘reduce your pain’!

Start your rehab journey by getting in touch via:

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