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NDIS Physiotherapy in Adelaide

At our Physio clinic in Adelaide CBD we welcome everyone who is able to access our services, and this is inclusive of those who receive NDIS funding. In a lot of cases physiotherapy treatment, which can come in many forms, is extremely beneficial for those with a hindering disability, particularly those for whom this disability hinders their movement and exercise. 

With extensive knowledge regarding the internal mechanics of how our bodies function, our exemplary physios are able to develop programs that can help NDIS clients improve their overall health, and achieve the specific goals set out in their NDIS plan.

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As each patient has their own specific goals, and by extension their own specific presentation and needs, this treatment can come in many different forms, inclusive of, but not limited to:

  • Hands on treatment
  • Personalised & supervised exercise in our state-of-the-art pilates studio
  • Tailored and need-specific home exercise programs
  • Gentle exercise treatment – inspired by Yoga

The range of services we can offer within a physiotherapy setting allows for a range of different disabilities to be catered for. For instance, for a debilitating physical disability (i.e. for those in a wheelchair) there are extensive benefits physiotherapy can provide in strengthening any weakened areas of the body and allowing for greater bodily control through carefully managed exercise plans.

In addition, as our physios are also trained yoga and pilates instructors, there are aspects of this which can be integrated with physio treatment to provide extensive benefit for those with intellectual disabilities, such as autism. The relaxation provided by yoga practices, coupled with exercise based treatment, can provide huge benefit for people with autism, and we encourage anyone who could benefit from this to get in contact.

If you have any further queries feel free to contact us via email at info@therapia.com.au or via phone at 08 8221 5011.

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