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Personalised One-on-one Training With a Physiotherapist in Adelaide

Whether you are pro-athlete, an office worker, a weekend warrior (gets on you bike/run on the weekends) or have an extremely busy life with work, family or kids. If you aspire to ‘reach a certain level of fitness and certain injuries stop you from achieving your best, then we can help you.

Our team of experienced physiotherapists and massage therapists from an Adelaide clinic near the CBD offers a range of different services. We are able to help you regardless of your specific needs.

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One of these services is personalised exercise sessions with our physios. These sessions typically run for 45 minutes, and our experienced physios are able to dedicate all of their time and attention to you and your exercise program. These sessions are ideal for you if you are looking to reach the next level in your fitness or need a speedy recovery from a major trauma or surgery. You get all the attention and a personalised exercise program.

While our clinical pilates classes are ideal for those looking at completing a regular exercise routine within a safe and managed environment, for those who need a more personalised approach, or would like to push themselves further physically, then these 1 on 1 sessions would be perfect.

Our physios carefully take your individual medical history to prescribe the exercises (and possible treatments) that are required to help you achieve your goals, whatever they may be. This can be applicable for those that want to train at a high level in preparation for a specific sporting event (such as a runner or cyclist), or just for someone who is quite fit that wants to establish a regular exercise routine. These sessions would be particularly useful for those that are athletes or training at quite a high level, but have had some past recurring medical issues that need to be monitored professionally throughout their training. A lot of musculoskeletal conditions become prominent as one begins to complete higher level training, and great care must often be taken to combat this, for which these personalised physio training sessions would be ideal.

There are often three distinct phases that these sessions can take:

Targeted Rehabilitation: If you have suffered a serious injury and are aiming to return to full strength training, constant exercise programs are required to restrengthen your body. Our physios can create a specific program that considers both the injury you have suffered, and the goals you wish to achieve, for which constant, habitual exercise overseen by our physios would be extremely beneficial. These sessions provide carefully monitored exercise-based rehab that will get you back training to your full potential as soon as possible!

Optimising/Improving Fitness: If you are looking at getting fitter, constant exercise and training is the best way of creating strength within your body. These individulised physio sessions allow for any existing conditions that you have to be managed while you build up your fitness, reducing the possibility of serious injury.

Training to Reach your Maximum Potential: If there are specific events or goals you are gearing up for then you would want to be able to train to reach your maximum potential! Whether this be a sporting event such as a race, or an individual goal such as climbing a mountain, you would want to be in peak physical condition to achieve your specific aim. These sessions would provide the constant strengthening required to achieve this!

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