How to treat ankle sprains

Ankle sprains are very common in runners, football players, dancers and the common population. Full recovery from ankle injuries often require strengthening exercises and a multidisciplinary approach to avoid any future flare-ups.

Our physiotherapy team works closely with other health practitioners (e.g: podiatrists) for the effective treatment of such foot and ankle related injuries/conditions (acute or chronic.

Mukul, our principal Physiotherapist shared his extensive knowledge on effective physiotherapy assessment and treatment of chronic and acute ankle sprains as part of a Professional Development session organised for the team of a local Podiatry clinic.

It was an extremely productive session, including shared treatment ideas which will help ensure that both teams are able to better help their clients with a range of issues!

We would like to thank the Podiatry Clinic for organising the session and for their hospitality! We look forward to running many more productive sessions into the future!