Mukul Singla

Mukul Singla specialises in musculoskeletal, orthopaedics and sports physiotherapy. He has been a physiotherapist for over 16 years and has a passion for active recovery. He completed his Masters in Orthopaedic, Sports and Manual therapy, with overall distinction from University of South Australia (UniSA) in 2003. Read More…

Tiffany Gray

Tiffany constantly strives to increase her toolbox of techniques and cater to a broad range of individuals. She loves educating and sharing her knowledge because she knows how this can change her patient’s lives dramatically for the better.  Read More…

Allied team members

Vani Shukla

Vani has more than 12 years of experience practicing and teaching Yoga, a distinction in Master of Science in Yoga Therapy, and spiritual training in Himalayan Yoga tradition. Her vision is to improve the health and wellbeing of my society through this highly effective ancient practice.

Christina Ursini

I am delighted to bring the practice of “restorative yoga” back to Therapia.

My mission is to share the traditions and beautiful life benefits yoga offers to fit in with our modern western lives. My classes are authentic, creative and nurturing whilst inspiring the yogi practitioners to develop and deepen their own relationship with yoga. Read More…

Arjun Suresh

Arjun believes in mind, body and spirit connection of human beings is important for a balanced healthy life. His training and tradition in Ayurveda and Yoga motivates him for promoting this holistic approach. He moved to Australia in 2009 and established his signature in Remedial therapies and Ayurveda treatments. Read More…

Rieko Motohashi

Rieko began practicing massage in Japan in 2006 and has been fascinated and passionate about learning different techniques to improve treatment, care for the body and provide maximum benefit to all of her clients. She uses oriental therapy techniques such as acupuncture pressure points, meridians (energy from lines in the body) and combines it with western theory. Read More…


Shauna Ashwood

Shauna is a Naturopath & Medical Herbalist with 24 years experience specialising in women & children’s health, immunity & autoimmune disease & cancer support. Shauna is passionate about the healing power of herbal medicine & natural remedies. Read More…



Christie is currently studying Occupational Therapy at the University of South Australia. She is passionate about soccer and her favourite team is Liverpool FC. In her spare time, Christie enjoys tutoring anatomy at university, spending time with friends, and attending sports events.


We would like to introduce Laura, our newest member to the Therapia Team. Laura is currently studying her Masters of Physiotherapy degree at Flinders University. In her spare time Laura likes to spend time with her family, friends and little silly terrier puppy.

She is excited to help others and learn from the health professionals that are part of the Therapia Family.

Renu Singla

Renu is newest member to join the Therapia Team. After a long Maternity leave she is looking forward to working and helping people with their needs. Read More…

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