Pre & Post-Surgery Physio & Rehab

Empower and Enhance Surgical Outcomes: Discovering the Benefits of Therapia Pre-Operative & Post-Operative Rehabilitation

Post-surgery physical therapy and rehabilitation procedures are common. However, scientific research has proven that physical therapy before surgery is equally beneficial and enhances the surgery outcome, promoting a faster recovery.

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What Is Pre-Operative Physiotherapy? (Pre-rehab)

Our medical professional physiotherapists design pre-operative physiotherapy or pre-rehabilitation programs for people about to undergo surgery. These programs are particularly designed to prevent complications from arising post-surgery.

What Are The Main Goals Of Pre-Operative Physiotherapy?

The main objectives of a pre-operative exercise program are:

  • Prepare and strengthen the body for upcoming surgery through practical tasks so you can return to normal activities soon after surgery.
  • Reinforcing physical functions and mobility, restoring the range of motion in the body
  • Strengthening muscles and surrounding tissues around the injured area
  • Improving muscular control, balance, and coordination
  • Reducing post-surgery stress and the risk of complications
  • Reduced use of post-acute care services like skilled nursing or inpatient rehabilitation
  • Physical therapy also educates about what precautions to take afterwards, exercises to perform post-surgery, and how to use assistive devices (like crutches, walkers, or canes).

Pre-operative rehabilitation from Therapia has improved outcomes after Spine surgery, ACL reconstruction, hip and knee replacements (THR or TKR), hip fractures, a frozen shoulder, and other major medical surgeries. We recommended starting physical therapy preferably one month before surgery to benefit the most.

Some Common Exercises That Can Help You Improve Your Mind And Body Strength Before Surgery

  • Brisk Walking
  • Cycling
  • Gardening
  • Aerobic classes
  • Dancing
  • 10-minute living room workout
  • Strength, balance, and flexibility exercises

However, these exercises may not offer the desired benefits without a medically designed pre-operative program. The professional physiotherapists at Therapia follow a comprehensive approach that gives the patient a head start on the recovery pathway and prevents postoperative complications, such as joint stiffness.

Our physical therapists have years of experience and extensive knowledge of human anatomy. Thus, we completely acknowledge the probable impact of any surgical procedure on the body.

With our tailored preoperative exercise program, you can be discharged from the hospital sooner and more confidently, as your body will be prepared for surgery outcomes. We work closely with surgeons and other medical professionals to prepare a well-structured exercise program that addresses every aspect of your care before and after surgery for the best outcome.

Financial Benefits Of Enrolling For Physiotherapy With Therapia

Our physiotherapist encourages you to participate in a prehabilitation program comprising health and fitness services to restore, maintain, and improve mobility and functionality. This reduces the need for post-operative care by approximately 30%, a significant cost saving for you.

The Importance Of Therapia Physiotherapy Pre-Surgery

Pain, swelling, muscle loss (atrophy), and joint stiffness are common aftermaths of surgery. However, a stronger body can fight back against these adversities. Physiotherapy has been proven to relieve pain, strengthen muscles, and improve the overall movement and functioning of the body in both the post-operative and pre-operative stages.

Getting patients moving post-surgery is critical, and physiotherapy improves circulation, promotes faster healing, and minimises the likelihood of blood clots forming in the body when followed before surgery and post-surgery.

Our trained physiotherapist ensures that any upcoming replacement or repair during the surgery can be healed faster as your body regains mobility and the ability to recover faster.

Preparing the body for surgery with exercises also reduces the likelihood of pain and swelling after surgery. It may also limit patients’ use of opioid medications.

What Distinguishes Therapia From The Other?

Our esteemed facility has expertise in handling most orthopedic injuries and conditions, with our wellness services tailored to individual needs. Our comprehensive pre-op program encompasses a thorough consultation, personalised exercise programs, post-operative therapy, and individualised treatment plans.

We are dedicated to continuous support as our highly skilled physical therapists team follows a multifaceted approach to pain management, ensuring holistic care for all.

Rely on us for exceptional care to optimise your recovery and overall well-being.


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Pre-Operative Muscle Strengthening

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