Mid Back Pain Physiotherapy

Mid Back Pain Physiotherapy with Therapia

Your middle back pain could be due to many factors, and poor posture (like slumping or slouching while sitting, working on computers, or standing), strain, or a muscle and ligament injury are the most common factors. However, massage or spinal mobilisation from a medically trained physiotherapist can help reduce muscle tension, back pain, and improve blood flow.

At Therapia in Adelaide CBD, our physiotherapy solutions can relieve mild middle back pain and enhance the quality of life. We incorporate specific exercises and massages to relieve upper and middle back pain. We also advise you on exercises and stretches to do at home that promote and speed up pain relief.

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A robust and pain-free back is crucial for general well-being. If you’re seeking ways to achieve a healthier back, our guide, “A Healthy Back Story,” is here to assist you.

Well, fret not if you’re going through some mid-back issues; we are here to help!

Issues we address

At Therapia, we are committed to treating various mid-back pain problems, such as infant torticollis and lumbar disc injuries (congenital torticollis). Our team of skilled physical therapists provides specialist care for these ailments and others that may be uncomfortable and interfere with your regular activities.

We practice evidence-based methods to help you recover and encourage healing if you have lumbar disc damage. Our physiotherapists will walk you through a thorough treatment plan that emphasises easing discomfort, increasing the range of motion, and boosting the strength of the injured area.

To assist with appropriate development and to aid in the condition’s efficient treatment, we offer kind and knowledgeable care to newborns with torticollis. Our specialist infant care includes calming exercises and therapeutic methods to support their development and improve their general well-being.

  • Thoracic kyphosis as a postural problem called thoracic kyphosis causes the upper spine to curve excessively, giving the illusion of having a rounded back. Numerous things, including bad posture, muscular imbalances, and changes in the spine brought on by aging, might contribute to this illness.

Our mission is to help you find relief, regain mobility, and live a healthier, more comfortable life through various exercises!

Is the neck in any way related to back issues?

We are aware of the close relationship between neck and back problems. It is critical to realise that the human body is a complicated, interrelated system and that issues in one area frequently affect others.

The reason for mid-back pain may originate from neck problems, such as stiffness or soreness. The cervical and thoracic spines are directly connected to the neck and mid-back. Tension or misalignment in the neck may affect the midback’s alignment and function, which can cause discomfort and limited movement. So, if you are experiencing any issues in your neck, reach out to us early so we can nip the problem in the bud!

Back Health at Work: Therapia’s Comprehensive Solutions for Office Workers

Mid-back discomfort is a common problem among office workers who spend much time sitting at their workstations in today’s fast-paced office environments. Therapia is committed to providing office workers with complete solutions for alleviating mid-back pain and improving back health since we realise the difficulties caused by prolonged sitting.

Additionally, we prioritise educating office workers about good posture and providing them with valuable tips to avoid further discomfort. Read our comprehensive guide to exercises for office workers.

Lasting relief with Therapia!

We are honored to be recognised as the leaders in treating mid-back pain. Our dedication to excellence is shown in our all-encompassing strategy, which begins with carefully analysing each patient’s health. We ensure a thorough investigation that enables us to pinpoint the underlying reason for mid back pain by carefully reviewing MRIs, CT scans, x-rays, and other tests too!

Our team of devoted practitioners have the knowledge and skills to develop individualised treatment regimens catering to each patient’s needs. To provide effective and long-lasting relief, it is essential to comprehend the underlying source of the pain.

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