Core-Strengthening Exercises

Unveil The Best Core-Strengthening Exercises With Therapia!

It always pays to strengthen your core muscles; We at Therapia, a renowned physiotherapy and pilates practice in Adelaide help you do that!

From toning the thighs to guiding you in the Pilates world, we have aced it over the years!

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Why should you do core strengthening exercises?

Engaging in regular core strengthening exercises offers numerous benefits that extend beyond just a toned midsection.

Improved Stability and Balance:

A strong core provides a stable foundation for all movement. Regular core strengthening exercises enhance the body’s balance, irrespective of what tasks you engage in – sports, dancing, or daily activities. This, in turn, decreases the risk of injuries if one falls.

Enhanced Athletic Performance:

Athletes across various sports can benefit significantly from a strong core. It provides a solid base for generating power and transferring energy efficiently during movements. Whether running, jumping, or lifting weights, a substantial body contributes to better performance and reduced risk of sports-related injuries.

Functional Fitness:

Core strength is essential for everyday activities like bending, lifting, twisting, and reaching. Core exercises enhance functional fitness, making daily tasks more accessible and efficient.

Besides this, having a solid core addresses other health issues, including Diastasis Recti! 

Core Strengthening Exercises For A Stronger You

  • Pelvic Floor Lifts Functional Fitness

This one is an essential core strengthening exercise. It is aimed at the muscles of the Pelvic floor. The pelvic floor maintains bladder control, supports organs, and promotes pelvic stability. By incorporating pelvic floor lifts into your routine, you’ll experience improved pelvic health and increased core strength.

  • Leg Slide

Leg slide exercises are excellent for toning and engaging the pelvic floor muscles. They also activate the lower abdominal muscles, providing a comprehensive workout for your core. Regularly performing leg slides can enhance pelvic stability, which is crucial for overall balance and posture.

  • Clams

The best way to tone and strengthen your glutes and outer thighs is through clams. Working on these muscles will help you achieve a sculpted and toned low body, enhance hip mobility, and reduce the proneness of hip-related injuries.

  • Bridge

A bridge is commonly practiced in the world of physiotherapy. These reap humongous benefits for the glutes, lower back, and core muscles. This exercise strengthens your glutes and thighs and helps stabilise your spine and lower back, making it an essential addition to any core strengthening routine.

You will see a lot of celebrities, including Pilates, in their workouts! Well, is it worth it or just a trend? It’s worth all the attention, indeed.

Pilates mainly targets the abdomen, lower back, and pelvic floor muscles. It enhances flexibility, improves posture, and increases overall core strength.

Read more about it here

  • Superman Pose

This exercise targets the lower back muscles, helping you achieve a balanced and resilient core.

Safety And Individualisation

Our team prioritises your safety! Thus, before we embark on the journey of core strengthening exercises, we profoundly evaluate your fitness level and any underlying medical conditions. Accordingly, we can tailor the exercise plan as per your requirements. This also minimises the risk of injuries!

Progression And Results

As you and we work together in this core strengthening journey, the results will be conspicuous soon. You will notice that your core stability is increasing, and you will also have increased strength to undertake your daily activities.

We help everyone – whether the goal is to be a good athlete, a seamless dancer, or have a healthier body. Trust us as we guide you to achieve sustained results!

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To the Core… and Beyond!

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