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Lower Back Pain

There are many different causes of lower back pain (such as Osteoarthritis, disc issues, muscular injuries and facet joint sparins to name a few. Our practitioners can help diagnose the source of your pain, and help develop a plan for treating it!

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Headaches & Migraine

Headaches will affect two thirds of the population, at some point in their lives. Here at Therapia we can help treat and prevent these headaches and migraines by releasing the muscles in your neck and surrounding area!

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Knee Pain

The knees function as hinges, allowing your legs to swing backwards and forwards smoothly as you walk, kick and run. As a load bearing joint, it is susceptible to inflammation and arthritis, which can be treated by treated through exercise-based rehab (such as pilates) that our physios can prescribe!

Shoulder Pain Physiotherapy

Shoulder Pain

Shoulder Pain is a very common condition, affecting about 65% of people at some point in their lives. Our physios can help diagnose the cause of this pain, and implement strategies to alleviate and prevent further pain!

Foot Pain and Heel Pain Physiotherapy

Foot Pain & Heel Pain

Foot and heel pain can be quite debilitating, and is particularly common among sports people and athletes. This pain can manifest itself in a variety of conditions which our physios are experts at recognising and diagnosing, helping you can back on your feet in no time!

Hip Pain Physiotherapy

Hip Pain

Our hips are extremely important parts of our body and can bear the brunt of connecting our upper and lower limbs. Many people experience pain in their hips for a variety of reasons, which can lead to great difficulties in later life if not handled well. Our physios are experts at dealing with a range of hip-related injuries, and our active rehab mentality will help improve both hip pain and range of motion!

Mid Back Pain Physiotherapy

Mid Back Pain

As the name suggests, dry needling involves the insertion of a needle into knots in the body’s muscle tissue. While this technique may sound painful, it can actually be an effective way to relieve pain, as well as reducing muscle tension and increasing the blood flow.

Post surgery physio

Pre & Post-Surgery Physio & Rehab

Understanding how to perpare for surgery and optimising patient outcomes after surgery through individualsied treatment and exercise programs.

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