CPD & Community

It is important for medical professionals to work together to provide the best treatment to their patients. When health professionals work collaboratively and learn assessment and treatment from each other, it helps them grow as a holistic practitioner and their patients are the biggest winners.  

Our mission is to strive to help as many people as possible by raising the standard of care for everyone through self-development, professional development for the healthcare community and contribution to the community at large. 

At our Physio Clinic near Adelaide cbd centre, we have been fortunate enough to work with a great community of people to promote the health and fitness standards. A number of reputable medical clinics and leading doctors have also partnered with us in arranging continuous professional development (CPD) sessions for doctors and allied health practitioners. These sessions have been invaluable in raising the standards of health care even higher in Adelaide and the care patients receive via the network.  

Our practitioner team is eager to share and exchange knowledge to raise the standard of care and are happy to organise a CPD session at your workplace/clinic. 

Please reach out to us via info@therapia.com.au or 08 82215011, if your workplace or clinic will benefit from such a session. 

Please find a list of some of the sessions below: 

CPD & Community

Community Education

Our team of practitioners make regular contributions to educating and informing health professionals by hosting PD sessions.

yoga classes

Community Engagement

Our team organises events focused on raising awareness of the benefits of exercise through teaching and active engagement.

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