Strength & Flexibility Classes

Strength & Flexibility Classes for Full Body Fitness in Adelaide

These are progressive exercise classes that are run by our amazing physios. The concept of the classes is to allow those that are otherwise relatively fit to be engaged within an exercise routine without needing an individual program or assessment. In comparison, our pilates classes, while being more specifically tailored, involve a more thorough individual assessment and prior one-on-one physio sessions. The advantage of the Strength & Flexibility classes is that you can book in immediately and start training. 


However, the classes are still relatively small (with a maximum of 15 people in a class), meaning that the practitioner can still give considerable attention to each client. This also allows the classes to be influenced by the medical history of those in the class. As such, if you are attending these classes it is encouraged that you communicate any previous conditions to the practitioner taking the class prior to its commencement. 

The classes are structured in stages; there is an initial warm up, followed by exercises of a greater intensity, and then finally a warm down. The exercises conducted focus on developing the following attributes: 

  • Whole body strength
  • Full body flexibility 
  • Balance
  • Core Strength
  • Focus on breathing 
  • Proprioception (awareness of one’s own body and space) 

The classes are generally themed, with a different theme for every class. For instance, one class may focus on ‘hips and shoulders’ while another class may focus on ‘core strength’ and the next class my focus on ‘Fascial stretching and Full body release’. However, the classes are always progressive, and carefully designed by our accomplished physios to provide as much physical benefit to those participating (particularly over a sustained period of time) as possible. There is considerable variety within the exercises conducted, thus tailoring to a large range of needs, both in terms of the difficulty of the exercises and the type of exercises conducted.

The exercises selected are based on: Physiotherapy principles, Biomechanics, Pilates, Yoga, Aerobics and Progressive relaxation principles. 

For any queries about the Strength & Flexibility Classes please contact us via email at or call us on 8221 5011.

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