Pregnancy: Physio exercises classes

Pregnancy Pilates Classes by Physiotherapists in Adelaide:

Why pilates is effective before, during and after pregnancy

A woman’s body goes through incredible transformation during and after pregnancy. As the body prepares for delivery, muscles and ligaments in the back, pelvic and chest area can lengthen and lose some of their tone. After the delivery, there is a short span of time for the body to regain core strength, tone and conditioning. While everyone experiences pregnancy and childbirth differently, the need to support their body during and after pregnancy is common for everyone. 

This means that strengthening stomach, back and pelvic floor muscles is extremely important during and after pregnancy. Given the focus on core strength, gradual progression and the personalised approach used in our Clinical pilates classes it is recommended as the ideal exercise approach for pregnant women. It can alleviate the aches and pains which occur during the pregnancy process and help women cope with the extra weight of their impending arrival, helping to ensure a more comfortable delivery process.

Whether you need to:

  • Strengthen your weak pelvic floor muscles,

  • Reduce pain in your ribcage,

  • Improve your posture while feeding a baby,

  • Reduce pregnancy related back pain, or

  • Prepare your body for the birth,

Regular exercises, specifically pilates, is a great way to overcome these issues.

The benefits won’t simply vanish when the baby is born. Pilates yields long-term improvements in posture and movement, which will last long after the little one comes along. Many women continue practicing long after their pregnancy because they find it so enjoyable and love the good habits they’ve got into.

Our knowledgeable and passionate physiotherapists offer Pilates courses specifically aimed at helping pregnant women by providing exercises that can be of great assistance before and during childbirth. Our Physiotherapists can tailor their recommended exercises to clients’ individual circumstances while maintaining a commitment to excellence in their coaching.

Our physios in Adelaide CBD, understand that every pregnancy is unique and our approach to Clinical Pilates reflects this. We want to help you enjoy a pregnancy which is as smooth and comfortable as possible, and lay the foundations for long-term strength and flexibility.

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