Pilates for Performance & Strength

Pilates for sports performance and athletic strength in Adelaide

Professional athletes of all kinds have discovered that adding Clinical Pilates to their training can improve performance, reduce injury, speed recovery and help their hardworking bodies stay balanced and healthy. At our Physiotherapy Clinic in Adelaide we offer an intensive Clinical Pilates course to help amateur, recreational athletes enjoy the same benefits the professionals enjoy.

Our personalised 10-week Pilates programme, carried out in our Pilates studio, allows you to work one-to-one with our Physiotherapists, pushing towards your specific goals through tailored classes. During the course we will provide regular assessments of your improvement, giving you the opportunity to reset, rethink and refine your goals. Our qualified pilates trainers wouldn’t treat you as a client; rather they would become your training partner, helping you continuously re-evaluate your objectives and monitor your progression every step of the way.

What can I expect from a Pilates class at Therapia in Adelaide CBD?

Pilates is a whole-body exercise system where key objective are to: 

  • Develop strength,

  • Improve functional flexibility,

  • Improve coordination and balance in athletes

  • Improve sports specific skills (running, bike riding, football, netball, etc.), or

  • Return to action following an injury

For this reason, our Pilate courses often start with a series of core and lumbar stabilisation (low back strengthening) exercises, building a base of strength and durability for the lower back which can increase flexibility and generate power for throwing or rotational sports. As you move on with the Pilates course, we can incorporate additional challenges on unstable surfaces, increasing the difficulty level while working on balance.

Our team members in Adelaide are keen sports enthusiasts and they will take the demands of your chosen sport into consideration during the Pilates programme. Our courses can analyse the strength, range of motion, coordination and movement patterns, which provide the building blocks for your sporting success. Furthermore, we integrate proper breathing, spinal and pelvic alignment, helping to ensure that your body works smoothly with each movement and the functional mechanics are in place for you to thrive in your specific discipline.

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